Keep Everyone Safe With Safety and Warning Labels

Warning labels ensure that customers consume food and other edible items properly. They also prevent accidents from using equipment in facilities and label hazardous areas in places like factories or hospitals. Print warning labels for the front, side, and back areas of your container. Choose from four standard shapes or order in a custom size to fit your specifications.

Print chemical warning labels or hazard labels that are vibrant and easy to read. Add a protective coating that elevates the shine or adds an elegant touch to your label design. All available materials come with a self-adhesive that sticks to almost any surface. Waterproof options include vinyl for cut-to-size labels and BOPP for rolls.

How to Choose the Best Specs for Your Warning Labels


Do you need a cut-to-size or roll warning label?

Cut-to-size comes in individual pieces, perfect for those applying the labels by hand. Recommended for orders in manageable quantities from 100 to 250.


Order roll labels if you’re applying them with an automatic dispenser. You’ll need several rolls to label hundreds to thousands of items. The dispenser will save you time, while the rolls make application continuous.


How much space do I need for the label?

Measure the area on which you will apply the health and safety warning label. From there, you can determine the best size. Apart from the container, you also need to ensure there’s enough space for the following elements:

  • Statement of danger or a warning against the item’s effects. For example, lung cancer is the statement indicated in cigarettes.
  • Consequences from being exposed to this danger such as lung cancer from smoking regularly or getting burned from placing your hand on a stovetop.
  • Signal word indicating the severity of the danger. There are two kinds of hazards: major and minor. Use the correct language so that consumers are informed of the correct risk level. For example, “danger” is used to warn against poison and hazardous chemicals.
  • Instructions that prevent exposure to danger. Some common examples are “do not enter” and “no diving” for a pool.


What elements will my label be exposed to?

  • Will the label only be displayed indoors and away from elements like water or heat? You can print the design on 70 lb. or white premium sticker paper.


  • For labels that are exposed outdoors or to water, print in waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl high gloss UV or BOPP.
  • Crisp, clear, & vibrant printing
  • Standard shapes and custom sizes
  • Comes in cut-to-size and roll formats
  • Sticks to almost all surfaces

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