Personalize Your E-Commerce Deliveries and Correspondences With Professionally Made Shipping and Mailing Labels

Establish your company’s brand with well-designed custom shipping and mailing labels. Include these in every e-commerce package or personalized correspondence for your customers.

Mix, match, and combine details to distinguish your brand. Select from several standard shapes or specify a custom size for your design. Print in elegant matte or shiny gloss coating to elevate the look of your label.

Benefits of Customized Mailing Labels

Distinguish your label with a custom size and shape.

  • Your mailing label needs to reflect the impact your company wants to make. It’s the first point of interaction between you and your customer in that envelope or package. Print in a square or rectangle label for a classic, professional look. You could also be more adventurous with an arch, hexagon, or starburst shaped label. Rounded corners give it a sleek touch. Choose from different sizes for each shape or specify custom dimensions based on your own design.

Materials that combine form and function.

  • Print your mailing label in waterproof vinyl to protect it from the elements. Choose white, clear, silver, or rainbow holographic BOPP if you need a colored or transparent background. Add a protective laminate like gloss to give it a vibrant shine or print in elegant matte for easy reading.

Fast and easy application with cut-to-size or roll labels.

  • Are you adding each mailing label by hand? Order up to 25 cut-to-size pieces for fast and easy application. Larger quantities at 250 pieces or more work best in the roll format. One roll can fits a label gun.
  • Makes your mails and packages memorable with long-lasting labels
  • Choose Between Cut-to-Size or Roll Labels
  • Self-Adhesive, sticks to practically any surface
  • Available in different shapes and sizes

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