Show Off and Stand Out With a Retractable Pop-up Banner

Captivate a customer’s attention with a retractable banner showcasing your best products or services. Our retractable banner printing options offer flexibility and durability for large events such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows.

Each retractable pop-up banner is printed onto 13 oz. poly film material. This material has several advantages:

  • A white front to feature your design and a gray back that blocks light, offering high opacity
  • Curl-resistant, super-smooth material that helps your design to look new for longer
  • Durable and waterproof

How do I assemble a pop-up banner?

Each retractable banner comes in a travel bag, and inside, you’ll find several parts. Here’s how to set it all up:

  • Base

Set the base on the ground and rotate the feet out by 90 degrees.

  • Support poles

Connect the support poles and insert them into the slit at the top of the base.

  • Header Bar

Gently lift up on the header bar, pulling the retractable banner display up at a slight angle from the base.

  • Connect the header bar and pole

Hook the top header bar into the slot at the end of the pole.

Whether you’re scrambling to get ready for a big event or laying plans for future marketing efforts, our retractable banner printing options can help you get the job done. To get started making yours, just download one of our templates, build a banner with our simple design tool or upload a pre-made retractable banner design.

  • Quick and easy setup for conventions
  • Arrives assembled to a frame & in a travel bag
  • Available in 3 sizes including 33.5″ x 79″
  • Printed on waterproof 13 oz. poly film

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