Custom Packaging Labels That Seal Your Deliveries in Style

Presentation plays an important role in your product’s identity so you want to be sure your product packaging and labels are exactly how you want your customers to see your brand.

Labels are great for packaging and promotion. They provide an easy way to create a brand image. You can apply packaging labels on bottles, food packaging, gift boxes, and more. You can order white or transparent BOPP, or Estate #8, for your labels and order wholesale labels for a cheaper deal.

Our cut-to-size packaging labels use only premium quality self-adhesive paper and waterproof vinyl so you are sure you’re getting the best. Cut-to-size labels are perfect for larger labeling needs that rolls can’t accommodate. Roll labels are great for machine application and storage.

Whatever you decide, you can combine a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to bring your packaging label design to life. Your choice of packaging stickers will depend on the format, size, shape, and material available.

Which is the Best Packaging Label for You?


  • Labels are individually cut and normally ordered in quantities below 250. You can print at least 25 cut-to-size packaging labels. This is recommended for applications done by hand. There are four standard shapes: square, rectangle, oval, and circle —all available for cut-to-size and roll labels. The cut-to-size format offers other alternative shapes for out-of-the-box brands: hexagon and arch for a typography-based look or starburst and heart for a custom design.

Roll labels

  • Are ordered in quantities of at least 250 pieces. One roll fits a standard-sized automated label dispenser. This is ideal for the fast and easy application on hundreds to thousands of items. Custom shapes are accommodated for roll labels. After selecting “Custom”, you can combine your preferred width and height on the online calculator.
  • Usable with any product, printed on paper sticker or waterproof film or vinyl
  • Choose Between Cut-to-Size or Roll Labels
  • Self-Adhesive, sticks to practically any surface
  • Available in different shapes and sizes

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