Print Customized Name Labels for Professional and Personal Use

Name labels have an unlimited application. You can add them on to clothes, your kid’s backpacks, and school items, baby bottles, and your office supplies.

These may also be handed out at events so attendees can easily introduce themselves to one another. Personalize name labels with your own name or print blanks for people to use.

Designing Effective Sticker Artwork

Select the best format for your name label.

  • Cut-to-size is recommended for labels that individuals will peel and stick by hand. Display and hand them out at events. Order for small quantities of items that need to be labeled such as school and household items. Roll labels are ideal for large quantities that go above 250 pieces. Perfect for hundreds of giveaways, promotional items, or freebies that will be labeled with each customer’s name.

Choose a shape that suits the occasion.

  • Aiming to appear professional at a conference or need a label that will fit all your details? The rectangle has a space wide enough for longer names, an address, and contact details. The square has a modern, minimalist look that can fit a “Hi, I’m (insert name here)” message.
  • Under the cut-to-size label, there are more creative shapes kids will like such as hexagon, heart, starburst, and arch.

Print in a material that will complement the design.

  • The white vinyl gives a shiny, vibrant high-gloss finish that lets your name stand out. Perfect for a list of names that will be printed for labeling or display at an event.
  • If name labels will be written on by attendees, the 70 lb. label in matte or gloss absorbs the ink of a permanent ink marker or ball point pen. Visit the “Material and Specs” tab for more information on the sticker options available.

Add your company logo for instant brand recognition.

  • Are you organizing an event for other names in your industry? Include your logo and company name to show the connection between your own employees and your business. This increases brand recognition and widens the network established with every interaction.
  • Vibrant printing on durable materials
  • Self-adhesive sticks to any surface
  • Cut-to-size comes in 8 shapes
  • The roll labels include custom size

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