Large Format Printing That Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

Large poster printing can showcase your business at a trade show. You can also decorate your store with large format posters of your best work.

With Smart Brand Print, you can choose from a wide range of large sizes or pick a custom size that fits your needs.

How can I design an effective large poster?

 A large-format poster’s distinction depends on the strength of its design. Here are a couple of design tips to keep in mind while creating your custom large posters:


  • Stick to one point. You need to capture and sustain a customer’s attention. Avoid cluttering the design with too many elements. Stick to a central image or graphic. Don’t forget branding elements like your logo, and only include the necessary information.


  • Go the distance. Keep in mind that the poster will first be viewed from afar. Study how the colors appear from a distance, and check whether the combination makes a bad impression. Cut down on shades and use complementary hues to keep things easy on the eyes. You can get a clear understanding of what message your full-color large-format photo printing project will convey if you take a step back.
  • High resolution printing that demands attention
  • Colors pop in high & semi gloss HP photo paper
  • Flexible & durable styrene plastic that lasts indoors
  • Available in standard and custom sizes

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