Brochure Sizes, Folds, and Sample Designs

The amount of information that you will include determines the brochure size suited for your business. There are five standard brochure sizes — which you can combine with five popular types of paper folds. It helps to create an outline of your content to h ave an idea of the size that best work with your material.

The final folded size of your brochure depends on the combination of: flat paper size, fold, and orientation (horizontal or vertical). We have blank brochure templates for standard brochures that you can download to guide you in creating a layout — or you can download the templates below.

Brochure Size, for every business

  • Services – A good example of this would be photography studios. These brochures can feature sample works, special packages and contact numbers.
  • Medical – informative guides that give summaries of health care facts, medical conditions, health concerns and general first aid topics.
  • Real Estate – description of commercial and residential properties and property information such as the address, property specifications and contact numbers
  • Trade Fair – participating companies in these events have an opportunity to communicate with their audience through brochures. They can showcase and demonstrate their products and services and position their brand among competitors.
  • Non-Profit Orgs – these orgs use brochures to explain advocacy, history and mission to gain support from potential benefactors and general public.

On the other hand, the larger brochure sizes; 11” x 17 and 11” x 25.375 are more appropriate if you want to have more detailed content because some businesses would require image-heavy content.

  • Amusement/Theme Park Brochures – a definite need for theme parks to have because this informs people of featured attractions, rides and other events.
  • Mini maps – map representations are especially helpful for tourists to guide them throughout their trip. Ideally, mini-map brochures contain the street names and popular landmarks. These are displayed on hotel counters and souvenir shops. A more detailed map may need custom sizing and options.

It helps to ask opinion from a friend on your font legibility and overall design before having it printed.

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